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Chapter 11- Self Assessment Katzenbach and doug smith- mistake to use groups and teams interchangeably (a small number of people with complemetary skillys who are commited to a common purpose. Eric Sundstrom- typology of work teams- advice, production, project, action. Two effectiveness criteria- performance and viability (members’ satisfaction and continued willingness to contribute). Need appropriate tech tools, reasonable schedules and training. Teamwork skills and competencies need to be role modeled and taught. Main threat- unrealistic expectations leading to frustrations. Mistakes generally involve doing a poor job of creating a supportive environment for teams and teamwork. Three components of teamwork receiving the greatest attention are cooperation, trust, and cohesiveness. The greater the integration, the greater the degree of cooperation. Cooperation can be encouraged by reward systems and tearing down walls. Voluntary helping behavior could build cooperation in mixed genders and races.
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