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MYE Practical Exam Mark Scheme Qn Skills assessed Marking scheme Mark Mark ref 1(a)(i) PDO Layout P1 Tabulates temperature and volume of FA 2 added in the table. Table has correct headers and units. 1 1 PDO Record P2 All the volumes are recorded to the nearest 0.05 cm 3 and temperature to 0.1 °C 1 2 (a)(ii) PDO Layout P3 Axes correct way round + correct labels + units + scale. Sensible linear scale must be chosen so that the plotted points occupy at least half the graph grid in both x and y directions. 1 3 PDO Layout P4 All points correctly plotted to within ±1/2 small square. Checks all points and put ticks if correct. 1 4 PDO Mani P5 Graph line must be best fit-lines. Lines should be extrapolated until they cross. Do not allow mark if clearly anomalous points are included or it the lines do not cross each other 1 5 (a)(iii) PDO Mani P6 Correct reading to within ±1/2 small square of T maximum . Correct calculation of ∆T maximum . Correct reading of V equivalence . 1 6 MMO Quality M1 M2 Award MR 7 based on the difference, Δ T maximum , between student’s and supervisor’s Δ T maximum value. Give 1 mark if this difference is ≤ 0.3 °C Award MR 8 based on the difference, V equivalence , between student’s and supervisor’s V equivalence value. Give 1 mark if this difference is ≤ 0.75 cm 3 Shift 1: Jessie 10.75 cm 3 and 5.1 °C, Kelly 10.40 cm 3 and 4.88 °C Shift 2: Joseph 10.33 cm 3 and 5.3 °C, Russell 10.00 cm 3 and 5.7 °C (Physics) Shift 3: Jessie 12.40 cm 3 and 4.85 °C (Biology), Russell 12.00 cm 3 and 6.7 °C (Physics) 1 1 7 8
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