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Stephen Kramer 2/6/06 Cornell University Writing Seminar The Etiquette of Freedom “Here was a man who would not let the mere threat of cultural extinction stand in the way of his (and her) values” The world is nature, an din the long run inevitably wild, because the wild, as the process and essence of nature, is also an ordering of impermanence But what can we now mean by the worlds wild and for that matter nature ? Wilderness is a place where the wild potential is fully expressed, a diversity of living and nonliving beings flourishing according to their own sorts of order.
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Unformatted text preview: • “So that’s the final meaning of “wild”-the esoteric meaning, the deepest and most scary. Those who are ready for it will come to it. Please do not repeat this to the uninitiated. A man wants to keep traditional values, regardless if it means ending his culture as a result of being one of the few members left of his culture. In the wilderness, animals display their own qualities and thrive together. People who are not ready for “wild” should not be in contact with animals or beings of this sort and should keep to themselves....
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