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lecture two 18/01/2008 16:18:00 current events: PAKISTAN atlas pg 67 1858 India comes under British rule 1947 India becomes independent due to growing nationalism, wwii exhausting Britain, and islam/hindu tension o Britain splits into secular (Hindu) India and Muslim Pakistan (which allows Muslims, previously minority, to have political power) Kashmir’s population was Muslim but Monarch was Hindu—problems Pakistan claimed Kashmir because also a Muslim state, but ruler of Kashmir hesitated—--starts war between Muslims of Kashmir/Pakistan vs. the ruler of Kashmir o ruler of Kashmir asks India for help, who agrees as long as K signs instrument of accession and becomes part of India o split Kashmir w. Line of Control (I has south west, P has north east) 1949: India said let K vote for itself and P agreed, as long as K didn’t get to be independent o I changed their mind because accession was signed B splitting caused population migrations and violence Still many Muslims in I, but I claims it is secular and partition unnecessary, which negates the principle on which P was founded 1971 revolt in E wing of Pakistan o WP many ethnicities, EP mostly Bengalis, EP deprived of power o Awami League created in 1971 to form independent state of Bangledesh o WP (by sea) to E{ to stop secession, causing refuge flow into India, Indians invade EP to fight w/WP to return refuges o Bangledesh formed instead of EP 1988-Indians a nuclear power, followed by Pakistan (have been developing since 1960s) o P has Islamic extremists wanting to create an Islamic state
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o P currently recognizes Bangledesh as a state Terrorist attack on I parliament post 9/11 almost led to war, US stopped because needed P/I peace in order to concentrate on our own war; I agrees, but says they will not agree again concepts and theories of IR topic 1-STATE VS. NATION state=-has a set of institutions, a territory (boundaries), and is a legal entity to the UN “monopoly of effective means of violence within a territory” o when it comes to contest of supremecy, can control how they go to war o if not, cannot maintain stability/security Taiwan CCP-chinese communist party vs KMT-national party o ccp wins, kmt goes to Taiwan and proclaims republic of china (recognized as peoples republic of china by other countries) 1970s o RCC can no longer hold China’s seat in the UN hold “American seat of Taiwan”, China gets mad State must be recognized by other states in order for it to do anything
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IR lecture - lecture two current events: PAKISTAN atlas pg...

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