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global politics ch 2

global politics ch 2 - • empires didn’t really...

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Global Politics-The Historical Setting 21/01/2008 21:46:00 I. Global Politics in Ancient Times Greek city-states=group of towns/small city 1 st -6 th  centuries BC variety of political systems: small oligarchies of the rich, military dictatorships,  limited democracy ex: Athens, Corinth, Sparta relation between city states parallel to relation between countries today independent of ea. other, and no overarching authority Empires=large political units in which the ultimate power rested in the hands of the  emperor or imperial central power ex: Persian (600-100 BC), roman (44 BC-410 AD), arab, African kingdoms,  Chinese dynasties, latin American empires, Aztecs, incas w/in empire, regions may have traded or fought, but relations governed by  central authority internal affairs of regions also under control of central authority
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Unformatted text preview: • empires didn’t really interact-lack of technology- but interfered in the affairs of others w.o justification o victorious empires absorbed vanquished ones • roman empire fell, no other empire strong enough to replace (15 th ish century) o Europe governed by feudal units, principalities, dukedoms, monarchies all under the control of the Catholic church local lords represent interests of church and Christian doctrine o “Crusade was an enterprise of all Christendom and had to be proclaimed by the pope, preached and organized by clergy as well as by lay rulers.” II. The Emergence of the Modern State and the Contemporary International System 21/01/2008 21:46:00 21/01/2008 21:46:00...
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global politics ch 2 - • empires didn’t really...

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