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Thermodynamics - saturated and quality 7 Ideal Gas Pv=RT...

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Thermodynamics First Four O’Clock  1. State postulate : the state of a simple compressible system is completely specified by two  independent intensive properties. a  property  is a characteristic of a system that can be measured  independent of how it was obtained. an  intensive property  is one that is independent of the size of  the system; rho, T, P, v, etc. 2. Pressure   Pgage=Pabs-Patm P=rho*g*h 3. Thermal Equilibrium =temperature is the same throughout the system Mechanical Equilibrium =pressure is the same throughout Phase Equilibrium =mass of each phase does not change with time 4. 5. Temperature  –absolute K and R Triple point where ice, water, and steam all present together. critical point where only one phase is present. 6. compressed liquid, solid, mixed, and superheated. 
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Unformatted text preview: saturated and quality 7. Ideal Gas Pv=RT R=(Ru)/(Mu) m=(Mu)*N 8. Compressibility Factor Z=Pv/RT Pr=P/Pc; not Vr 9. Work down by or at boundary; work out positive boundary work gravity work shaft work spring work 10. First Law for Closed Systems heat in is positive Q-W=delta E=delta U + delta KE + delta PE rateQ-rateW=dE/dt 11. Cyclic Processes Q-W=0 Draw sketch and put in system boundary with heat and work shown state assumptions conservation laws process diagram 12. specific heats constant volume Cv=(dU/dt)v constant pressure Cp=(dh/dt)p 13. ideal gas du=CvdT, dh=CpdT, and Cp=Cv+R 14. Solids and Liquids Cp=Cv=C 15. First Law for Open Systems Q-W=delta H+delta PE+delta KE 16. Nozzles and diffuser ; turbines, compressors, throttling valves, mixing chambers...
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Thermodynamics - saturated and quality 7 Ideal Gas Pv=RT...

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