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[Type text] Chapter 15 and Chapter 16 1) List of events leading up to the American Civil War a) Slavery is perhaps the greatest component i) Sectionalism goes away…there is no longer the north south and the west ii) There is now the north and the south divided on the basis of slavery iii) Slavery is a renewable labor source for the south iv) Slaves in the south are owned by a very small minority; slaves tended to be owned by upper level members of societies (the big cotton plantations) v) The north doesn’t need slaves because they have immigrants as “wage-slaves”… vi) But in the south, there is slavery based on race vii)Slave population in the south was numbered at 3.5 million b) 3/5 compromise i) An Irishman coming off a boat counts as one person but a slave counts only as 3/5 of a person c) The Mexican War in 1848 i) The obtaining of California and New Mexico d) Squatter Sovereignty (or Popular Sovereignty) i) The territories determine for themselves whether they are free or slave territories e) Leads us to the Compromise of 1850 i) California – California petitions to be a state ii) 1849 – John Sutter in Sacramento River finds chunks of gold (1) People go from all over America to get gold iii) Question: will California be a free state or slave state? (There were currently 15
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Chapter15and16edit - [Type text] Chapter 15 and Chapter 16...

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