CC 302K Notes 10.18.07 - CC 302K Classical Archaeology...

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Unformatted text preview: CC 302K Classical Archaeology Notes Post two paragraph length things on the class blog the wiki website; there is web page with a lot of links Enkomi in Bronze age- Modern Cyprus- Cyprus is great location for trading center in Mediterranean good stopping point o Trade between Egypt and levant: Egypt very strong and in this period- Copper Oxhide Ingot o Copper that was mined from Cyprus o Linear C cannot read? o Transported primarily by ship; stacked in holds of ship (found in shipwrecks) o Used in the making of bronze: copper + tin = bronze o Cretan Men Bearing Gifts has a man carrying bronze ingot evidence that this trade reached Egypt- Destroyed at end of Bronze Age burned o Affected by same change that sea peoples caused other places during late bronze age Ugarit- Modern Syria- Canaanite trading city- Related to Jewish race: semites- Takes advantage of Aegean trade: favorable position on coast o Greatest level of prosperity in Late Bronze Age- Ugaritic o First alphabetic cuneiform script Other scripts were sign based: represented an idea or action Alphabetic combines sounds to form words meaning invested in sound- City Plan of Late Bronze Age Ugarit o Periods of Egyptian domination and control of Ugarit Many Egyptian artifacts and Egyptian trade o Hittite Empire also controls Ugarit during some periods: they are main power...
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CC 302K Notes 10.18.07 - CC 302K Classical Archaeology...

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