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he 100 quiz questions

he 100 quiz questions - schedule for when I have class and...

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Stephen Kramer HE 100 Possible Quiz Questions 1. Define Stress and give a few examples of how to eliminate it. Stress is defined as the body’s attempt to adjust to a demand. One eliminates stress by discouraging procrastination, minimizing multitasking, sidestepping common stressors, improving one’s attitude, learning to relax, improving one’s self-esteem, and taking control of one’s life. 2. How does one manage their time? How do you personally manage your time? One can create a daily and weekly schedule, telling a person exactly what needs to be done. A weekly schedule lets a person know when they are busy and when they have time to do work. Also, a weekly schedule shows when assignments can do and one can plan far in advance when they are going to complete an assignment due at a later date. I personally do create a schedule in which I plan my time daily and I have a weekly
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Unformatted text preview: schedule for when I have class and free time. In addition, I have a calendar with which I can see upcoming exams and other things that must get done. 3. Explain the SQRRR system of taking notes and if it works for you. First one must survey. One surveys by glancing at all the headings in the chapter and reading the final summary paragraph. Second one must question. When questioning, turn the first heading into a question, this will arouse curiosity and increase comprehension. Then, read the paragraph or section to answer the question. After reading the paragraph, recite the answer to the question formulated before. Lastly, review by going to the beginning of the chapter and glancing at the headings and subheadings....
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