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drama 160 study guide - Production Booth - Area of the...

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Production Booth - Area of the theatre where the technical controls and stage management works during performances Cue - A call to action - A stage manager calls a cue and something happens - the lights changes, an actor enter, a piece of scenery changes, etc. Cue Lights - Lights placed in areas to cue actors or technical people to do something - enter the stage, change the scenery, fly something in or out, etc Repertory - A theatre that produces a body or season of work. Two forms of Repertory include are linear where they produce one show after another and all at once where they rotate 2 or more shows all with a small time period such as a weekend or a week. League of Resident Theaters-LORT - Organization of Regional Theatres that works toward the good of it members through promotion of theatre, contracts, negotiation of legal issues and consulting Equity - or the Actors Equity Association - is the professional Actors/Stage managers union. Their focus is to promote live theatre as an essential component of our society and to protect the welfare of their members through a living wage and rules and regulations designed to safeguard the health safety of its members Scenery Lift /Elevator - Piece of stage machinery used to move people, furniture or parts of sets to and from the stage. PPE
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drama 160 study guide - Production Booth - Area of the...

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