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Abydos Passion Play : Egyptian ritual performance celebrating the resurrection of Osiris. Dionysus : Greek god of harvest, fertility, wine, and irrationality. Theatrical festivities performed in his honor. Dithyramb : Hymn to spring sung around am altar celebrating life and rebirth of Spectacle : One of the six theatrical priorities in Aristotle’s Poetics. The idea that the visual action of the story is important. Theatron: A bowl shaped, raked seating area for the audience. Also called the auditorium Eccyclema - A wagon that would roll on stage to show the aftermath of the tragedy and violence. Periaktoi : Triangular columns with different scenes painted on each face. They are rotated to show change of location Trope : Dramatization of scriptural events with added embellishments such as added characters, dialogue, or events. Mansion : A small scenic structure to indicate different locations.
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Unformatted text preview: Several would be placed around the interior of the church Platea : The performing area located in front of the mansion. Court Masques : theatrical events meant to honor royals or the court in general. Included a performed story, songs, and dancing. Usually finished with audience participation. Pantalone : Elderly guardian of one of the young lovers Borders: Horizontal panels of scenery hung above the stage to hide the rigging. The Artistic Director hires the designers for the production. The designer then works with the director to design the show. The artistic director makes the artistic decisions for the company, and is usually found in the non-profit setting. The producer is in the for profit theatre. He controls everything. He is in it for the money....
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