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Techniques and Styles : - Contour Makeup/ Corrective : This is one of the most basic forms of makeup. It is used to define the face using highlights and shadows. It helps the facial features stand out when stage lights wash out the features. - Street Makeup : The other most basic form of makeup. It is just every day makeup that one would normally wear. If a man is asked to wear this, it usually just means a little base makeup, some cheek color, lip color, and eye liner. - Old Age : This uses more extreme highlights and shadows to create an older look. The older the character, the deeper the shadows need to be. - Period makeup : This uses highlights and shadows that are specifically placed to create the look of a historical character. In order to design the look you want, it is useful to look at the artwork or photos of faces from the time period. - Prosthetics : Prosthetic makeup is the process of using prosthetic sculpting, molding and casting techniques to create advanced cosmetic effects. - Tattoos : There are several ways to create the look of tattoos. The method we used for Frozen, was to air brush an alcohol based makeup onto a stencil placed on the actor’s skin. We then painted in the filler colors with the same type of makeup. - Injury : This type of makeup uses techniques which create the look of bleeding, bruises, burns, scratches, etc. - Fantasy makeup : This is any type of makeup used to create a fantastical look. It can include any of the previously mentioned techniques and or styles, but is usually not based on realism. Tools : Brushes Sponges Stipple sponge Powder puff Air brush Makeup : Face -Base : the first layer of color applied, which is close to the skin tone. -Highlight color : one of the second layers of color to be applied, it is usually a shade or two lighter than the skin tone.
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: another of the second layers of color to be applied, it is usually a shade or two darker than the skin tone. -Blush/ cheek tone : one of the next layers to be applied. The placement of this layer has a big effect on the look of the makeup design. Eyes -Eye liner -Eye brow pencil -Eye shadow -Mascara Lips -Lip liner -Lip color/ lipstick Specialty -Molding putty/wax -Liquid latex -Stage blood -Spirit gum Finishing -Powder 8 Steps of Design: 1) Read Script 2) Meet with Director 3) Research 4) Rough Sketches 5) Final Renderings 6) Production of Costume 7) Fittings with Actors 8) Dress Rehearsal Fabric Swatch A small piece of fabric that has been sampled and attached to the rendering. A representative of what the costume will be made of. Renderings
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drama 60 final - Techniques and Styles: -Contour Makeup/...

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