Soc_assg2_globalization - The Impact of Globalization and...

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The Impact of Globalization and Multinational Corporations Isn't it weird how whats happening across the globe can have a huge impact on you and your community these days. Since the industrial revolution communication has been on a global level. Because of this, culture is spreading all over the world. Major international corporations are causing innovation and also lowering prices for everybody. I believe that this globalization is a good thing for the most part. Culture has been passed on from generation to generation with minor changes, until advances in communications technology caused a cultural blend. The Internet, and satellites have been breakthrough resources for communication. They allowed big corporations to expand to a global level. With this, globalization grew rapidly. Globalization helps me with information. New technology also contributes to this. I see cultures from all over the world. Being aware of what is going on in the world has many advantages. Cultural shock goes down because I have seen almost all the different customs that would have shocked me. Also, I am more aware of the different forms of deviance that other cultures have. This is a very good
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Soc_assg2_globalization - The Impact of Globalization and...

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