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Stephen Kramer HE 100 Cornell University Prelim Outline Chapter 1-Goals Process your own goals Set your own pace instead of marching along with the crowd A goal is a vivid dream that has been mentally acted and reenacted Don’t sacrifice quantity for quality, don’t pursue a job because of money, one must do something they enjoy GPA: Not grade point average, but Goal, Plan, and Action Set minor goals, such as doing well on a single test Set major goals, something far and distant in the future One needs to devise a plan, the route that will take them to earn their goal One must meet their goal, but not at great costs One must take action to achieve their goals and plans Procrastination -the tendency to put things off Chapter 2-Controlling My Time Find “hidden time,” carry pocket work, use your mind when it’s free, record study information, employ spare-time thinking Parkinson’s Law-work expands to fit the time allotted o Make an outline Stick to a schedule Divide time into blocks Make a to-do list Everyone has circadian rhythms in which they have periods of time in which they are most awake and other times when they are sluggish. Read in the morning and review in the afternoon Pareto principle-the truly important items in a group constitute only a small number of the total items in the group (80/20 rule) Nobel prize winner, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi says it is important to write down your ideas as soon as you wake up, otherwise they may be lost Chapter 5-Managing Stress Stress is the body’s attempt to respond effectively to a tough situation, to rise to the
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This note was uploaded on 12/11/2007 for the course HE 1000 taught by Professor Chen,m. during the Fall '05 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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He 100 for prelim - Stephen Kramer Cornell University...

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