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Final Essay 6 - Stephen Kramer Cornell University Writing...

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Stephen Kramer 5/12/06 Cornell University Writing Seminar Essay #6 – The Marketing of Whitewater Rafting and Kayakng Whitewater rafting and kayaking are two extreme sports intended for thrill seekers. Although the sports share similarities, they tend to be successfully “sold” in different ways. One successful kayaking manufacturer has relied on the name recognition of its owner, a kayaking champion. A successful whitewater rafting company has depended upon various traditional methods of advertising in order to grow. When whitewater rafting, a group of people seated in an inflatable raft navigate down a river of rapids. A certified river guide is present and steers the raft through the treacherous waters. Participants use a one-sided paddle to navigate and are required to wear specific clothing and a helmet. Whitewater rafting is considered a hazardous sport and individuals must observe safety precautions throughout the trip. In the past, whitewater rafting was reserved mainly for people with prior experience. However, advancements have been made to whitewater rafting equipment and owners of whitewater rafting companies have been able to alter and expand their sales strategies to entice inexperienced individuals to sense the thrill of rafting down the rapids. Whitewater kayaking is a hazardous individual sport in which one propels himself in a one-seat kayak through the rapids utilizing a two-sided paddle. Whitewater kayaks are constructed from plastic and are highly maneuverable. Like whitewater rafting,
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kayakers must wear special equipment. In addition, kayaks have a covered deck and spray skirt to avoid water entry and create a tight fit for the kayaker. A manufacturer of whitewater kayaks must market the sport of whitewater kayaking in order to sell its equipment. In his article, “Olympian Looks to Make Splash with his Kayak Designs in Rock Island, Tenn,” Roger Harris discusses the marketing strategies employed by Eric Jackson, one of the world’s finest kayakers. Eric Jackson owns his own company named Jackson Kayaks, which builds kayaks. He markets his
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Final Essay 6 - Stephen Kramer Cornell University Writing...

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