Exam 1 Fall 2007 - Copy

Exam 1 Fall 2007 - Copy - CLOSED BOOK YOU HAVE 75 MIN TO...

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CLOSED BOOK – YOU HAVE 75 MIN TO COMPLETE Name _________ PP 315 Exam #1 – September 13, 2007 1. Matching: Put the correct letter by the matching number. Only one correct answer for each. (20 points) 1. _V__ host range A. prevents germination of live fungal spores in soil 2. _G__ inoculum B. shows interaction of four factors necessary for disease 3. _K__ medium C. entry through wounds or natural openings on host 4. _O__ indirect penetration D. completes all stages of life cycle in living cells 5. _H__ etiology E. living in or on an alternative host 6. __M_ necrotroph F. an organism that can live as a saprophyte or parasite 7. _A__ fungistasis G. a part of the pathogen that can infect a host 8. __P_ appressorium H. investigation of the causes of disease 9. _D__ biotroph I. loss of photosynthate production 10.__W_ pathogenesis J. a food relationship between host and pathogen 11._Q__ survival K. a nutritive substance used to grow microorganisms 12._U__ infection court L. identifying a disease by the symptoms and/or signs present 13. __R_ germ tube M. a pathogen that lives on cells that it killed 14. __C_ direct penetration N. growth regulator involved in gall production on plants 15. _T__ hemibiotroph O. entry through cuticle or intact plant cells 16. __E_ parasitism P. growth of a pathogen on the host surface before penetration 17. _B_ disease pyramid Q. ability to remain viable during unfavorable conditions 18. __X_ gibberellins R. initial hypha emerging from a fungal spore 19. _L__ diagnosis S. specialized fungal cell used to aid in host penetration 20. __F facultative parasite T. an organism that lives on living cells before becoming a
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Exam 1 Fall 2007 - Copy - CLOSED BOOK YOU HAVE 75 MIN TO...

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