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Stephen Kramer 5/12/06 Cornell University Writing Seminar Essay # 1 - Golf’s Interaction with Nature The game of golf interacts closely with nature in many ways. Golf is played on an eighteen hole course, which incorporates the golf course’s natural surroundings. A golf course consists of a grassy tee box from which a golfer tees off. The ball is hit onto a fairway, which closely resembles a well-manicured grassy lawn. The goal of golf is to hit the ball into a cup located on a green, using as few strokes as possible. The fairways and the greens are surrounded by higher grass, known as the rough, trees and other natural obstacles such as small lakes or streams stocked with fish, sand pits (bunkers), and mounds. Various native birds find homes near lakes and in trees that are located on a golf course. The opportunity to come into contact with nature’s beauty is one of the great pleasures of playing golf. A golf course is like a garden and the members of a golf club must take responsibility for maintaining a golf course’s natural surroundings. In his essay, “Cultivating the American Garden,” Frederick Turner states that humans must take responsibility for nature: We must take responsibility for nature . That ecological modesty which asserts that we are only one species among many, with no special rights, we may now see as the abdication of a trust. We are, whether we like it or not, the lords of creation; true humility consists
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Final Essay 1 - Stephen Kramer Cornell University Essay # 1...

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