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Psychology Lecture November 29, 2016 FINAL Hallucinations – False sensory experiences oThey are mostly visual or auditory. They see/ hear things that aren’t actually there. They are usually blobs in visual and in auditory they hear voices. If severe enough they can hear several conversation. Schizophrenia oSymptoms Delusions (strongly held false beliefs) Hallucinations (false sensory experiences) Disorganized speech Disorganized orcatatonic behavior (If you lift up arm their arm wont fall like us and will stay up for hours) “Negative” symptoms(absence of normal behaviors) Flat affect Alogia (brief and slow speech) Avolition (Inability to engage in goal-directed activities) Anhedonia Social withdrawal Treatment Psychotherapy can help manage stress for the patient and family but it isn’t the best way to treat the disease. It won’t really help it make it any better.
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