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lab_quiz6 - Lab Quiz#6 Date Name Section 2(3 pts What are...

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Lab Quiz #6 Name__ _________ Date______ Section_______________ 2. (3 pts) What are the primary characteristics of the Deuteromycota? They are mitosporic fungi with no sexual spores. The classes of Hyphomycetes and Coelomycetes are in the Deuteromycota phylum. 3. (3 pts) Compare/contrast the dispersal gradients for wind-dispersed pathogens and rain- dispersed pathogens. (2 pts) In your opinion, which is most difficult to control. Defend your answer. (1 pt) Rain-dispersed pathogens have more variability in their dispersal gradients than wind- dispersed pathogens. Rainfall amounts differ each year which can increase or decrease the spread rain-dispersed pathogens. Wind-dispersed pathogens are much more difficult to control because the wind is constantly carrying the pathogens to new hosts. In seasons of drought rain-dispersed pathogens cannot spread but the wind-dispersed pathogens will continue to spread. 4. (4 pts) In the Deuteromycota, the asexual conidia are borne in various types of clusters or “packagings.” List two asexual conidia-bearing structures. (2 pts)
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