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Stephen Kramer 5/12/06 Cornell University Writing Seminar Essay # 3 - The Stereotypical Savior In “Dogology,” T. Coraghessan Boyle imparts a story about an Anglican missionary who becomes a savior by rescuing two young girls. Moses is one of the greatest saviors in history, having rescued an entire nation from slavery. Both men were motivated not only by the desire to save human life, but by a spirituality that rested on faith in the Lord. Their respective stories describe events which defy the rules of nature and demonstrate why both Moses and Reverend Singh deserve to be recognized as saviors. Reverend Singh was the head of the Anglican mission and orphanage located in Midnapore. He was described as an astute and observant man and an amateur hunter, familiar with the habits of beasts (Boyle 20-21). The Reverend learned of spirits who had been accompanied by a wolf. Rumors spread that there were two spirits, and the village filled with panic (Boyle 20). Reverend Singh was a devout man who did not believe in ghosts, other than the Holy Spirit. Upon learning that the spirits’ den had been located, Reverend Singh traveled to the den to determine who or what was inside. While waiting for nightfall, the Reverend finally saw the wolf emerge from the den, accompanied by two creatures he believed to be human children. He devised a plan to rescue the children from “the dominion of beasts-unbaptized and unsaved, their eternal souls at risk” (Boyle
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This essay was uploaded on 12/11/2007 for the course ENGL 168 taught by Professor Aberle,danielle during the Spring '07 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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Final Essay 3 - Stephen Kramer Cornell University Essay # 3...

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