lab_quiz9 - orchard. 5. (2pts) Give two vectors of...

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Lab Quiz #9 Name______ Date_______ Section______________ 1. (1pt) How do plant pathogenic bacteria survive? In seeds or soil 2. (1pt) What is a biofilm? An aggregation of microorganisms that grow on a solid substrate 3. (3pts) Explain the role of the TI plasmid in the development of crown gall diseases. It transfers the DNA into the host and causes tumors to form. 4. (3pts) Joe Bloe’s orchard has fire blight cankers in several trees. What series of steps would he follow to prevent spread of this disease? Antibiotic sprays should be applied if it is early in the season or copper sprays should be applied to reduce the amount of inoculums. All infected limbs should be removed by pruning 4 inches below any dead tree bark and the pruning should be removed from the
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Unformatted text preview: orchard. 5. (2pts) Give two vectors of bacterial plant pathogens. Flies and pollinating insects 6. (2pts) Explain the role of bacterial ooze in Fire Blight epidemics. The ooze is formed my multiplying bacteria and attract flies. The flies spread the bacteria in this ooze to other hosts. 7. (1pt) What is one characteristic of most bacterial leaf spots? Numerous angular spots 8. (2pts) What is bacterial streaming? How is it used in diagnosis of bacterial diseases of plants? Bacterial streaming is the flow of bacteria out of infected plant tissue. An infected leaf is cut open and then a drop of water is added before placing under a microscope. Large numbers of streaming bacteria can be seen is the plant has a bacterial infection....
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lab_quiz9 - orchard. 5. (2pts) Give two vectors of...

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