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reining handout - Judging the Reining Horse Patricia A....

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Judging the Reining Horse Patricia A. Evans Extension Equine Specialist Utah State University Judging a reining horse requires keen observation, a willingness to learn the various maneuvers involved in the class, and a thorough understanding of an appropriate scoring system. A successful reining judge is required to: 1. Make accurate observations and focus on the variations in the performances of the horses 2. Weigh and evaluate the differences in maneuvers and compare them with the ideal 3. Recognize the penalties and evaluate the degree of severity 4. Arrive at a definite timely decision 5. Understand the mechanics of the reining system and score card and be able to communicate thoroughly to a scribe or exhibitor. The reining class consists of a pattern that includes a specific order of eight to nine maneuvers that include; Circles (figure eights) Rollbacks Lead changes/departures Sliding stops Spins or pivots Backing Exhibitors are required to perform the pattern individually as described. Judges are required to evaluate and score each maneuver separately as compare to the ideal reining horse. Maneuvers should be scored on both quality and accuracy. Factors influencing quality include the proper position of the horse during the maneuver, speed, smoothness and attitude. Accuracy involved the precision with which the maneuver was executed. Quality and penalty points for each maneuver are tabulated into a final cumulative score. Judges are required to be familiar with typical penalties to enable quick recognition and application of the appropriate points. Class Description To rein a horse is not only to guide him, but also to control his every movement. The best reined horse should be willfully guided or controlled with little or no apparent resistance and dictated to completely. Any movement on his own must be considered a lack of
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reining handout - Judging the Reining Horse Patricia A....

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