Western Pleasure

Western Pleasure - Loose reins are preferred. A horse that...

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Western Pleasure - way of going - not just “slow”. . but correctness of gait - should have drive from the hind end Jog should be slow legged and flat knee’d Lope should be a 3 beat “rolling gait” with propulsion from behind Rounding at the back Level consistent head set, not to low or too high Ears level with the whithers No excessive head bobbing Should appear to be a “pleasure” to ride. All gaits should have forward movement
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Unformatted text preview: Loose reins are preferred. A horse that works on a freer rein is more pleasureable No gapping at the bit No excessive aids by the rider --- excess spurs, verbal commands, use of reins Hunter Under Saddle---LONG AND LOW Flat knee’d Drive & impulsion Rolling gaits Ground covering Manners Pleasurability Attitude Attitude for both… horses should be in a good mind set, and work willingly for the rider…....
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