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For crying out loud – another test already?! Exam II Study Guide Again, please realize this is not a comprehensive list of questions that may be asked on the upcoming exam, but should provide a basis from which to begin studying . Reproduction in the Mare/Care of Late-gestation Mares and Young Foals: Review the basic endocrinology of the estrous cycle. How can we manipulate these hormones? Review different ways a person might determine the pregnancy status of their mare. What are some advantages/disadvantages for each method? Why is progesterone or other progestins important in maintaining pregnancy? What are the sources of these hormones through gestation? Review basic pregnant mare management handout. Why is important for late-term mares to be taken off fescue? What is the basic idea behind ‘imprint training’ foals? Why is it important that early training be done correctly? Genetics: Review coat color genetics. Which colors are due to dominant/recessive gene action? How to
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Unformatted text preview: color loci interact together? Review the three single gene disorders we discussed in class. What breeds are they prevalent in and what are some implications to horse breeders? Parturition lab How can we determine when a mare is getting ready to foal? Be familiar with the scale used for udder development and udder secretion. What happens in each of the three stages of parturition? How long should each take? How long should it take for the newborn foal to stand and suckle? Hoof balancing lab Be familiar with ways to evaluate hoof balance (e.g., hoof-pastern axis, medial-lateral balance, anterior-posterior balance). Why do we shoe horses? Easy points: Be able to convert hands to feet and feet to hands. What are the normal ranges for TPR and capillary refill in a horse? How long is gestation in an average mare?...
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