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Final Essay 5

Final Essay 5 - Stephen Kramer Cornell University Essay 5...

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Stephen Kramer 5/12/06 Cornell University Writing Seminar Essay # 5 – Gender Essay “The Simpsons” is an animated television series in which both genders are generally depicted in stereotypical ways. In the show, each gender’s interaction with the natural world is similarly stereotypical and limited. Some episodes, however, contain material that portrays each gender as somewhat evolved and veering from the traditional gender roles. Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, and C. Montgomery Burns constitute the show’s main male characters. Although the personalities of each of these characters may be different, almost all of the various traits would be considered “masculine”. Homer is portrayed as a content, but lazy, working class husband and father. He is employed as a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Homer performs the “external” functions of the family by going to work outside the home and fulfills the stereotypical role as breadwinner. His character is depicted as a basic working class guy who enjoys his wife’s pork chops, eating donuts and drinking beer with his buddies. Further, Homer is often crude and intolerant. He drools when he sees food and burps as he sees fit. He does attempt to be a caring husband and father, but is frequently shown to be physically abusive, especially toward his son, Bart. In numerous episodes, when Homer is angry with Bart, he immediately reaches out with one hand and wraps his fingers around Bart’s neck. As a result, Homer fills the classic male role in which the father uses physical means of discipline. Also, Homer seems to have strong moral and family values. He attends church and his children’s sporting events, and although Homer may have been
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tempted to cheat on his wife, he has always remained faithful to Marge. (Homer Simpson, p.5). Lastly, in a classically male way, Homer often expresses pride in Bart’s athletic abilities. However, Homer attempts to convince his daughter, who excels as a pee-wee ice hockey goalie, to quit.
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Final Essay 5 - Stephen Kramer Cornell University Essay 5...

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