Programming Assignment #4

Programming Assignment #4 - Assignment 4: Computer...

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EE312 – The University of Texas at Austin – Spring 2008 Assigned: Tuesday Feb 26 Design due: March 4, at the beginning of class Program due: Thursday, Mar 6, 11:59PM Total Value: 20 points total (see Deliverables below for details). Purpose Learning how to properly design your program before coding Learning how to use file IO Learning about string manipulation Deliverables There are both design (4 points) and code (16 points) deliverables for this assignment. The design portion requires that you produce these two items on paper: 1. Functional Block diagram identifying the main program and all sub functions, showing who calls who, and what data is passed to and from (2 points) 2. Flow chart or pseudocode of your program’s main logic - 1 page should be sufficient detail (2 points) Turn these in at the beginning of your Monday October 8 th lecture period with your name and unique section number written clearly on them. This time they will also be graded for their content (e.g. correctness). The code deliverable will be submitted through the BB assignment manager as usual. It will be a file named assign4.c that contains all the source code and comments that meet the requirements for this assignment. Your code must also conform to the class C coding standards (on the Blackboard). Problem We wish to design a very simple decimal computer for a special purpose embedded system application - but we don’t want to wait until after its manufactured (fabricated) to be able to test it out. This computer needs to work with ordinary decimal (base 10) numbers. It is designed to be an extremely simple decimal computer, with a memory containing 1,000 words that hold three-digit decimal (i.e. ordinary) numbers. The computer has a simple set of only ten instructions for operating on these numbers. We will call this computer the DecMack. Therefore, we need you to write a program on a real computer, that pretends to be the DecMack (decimal) computer that we are designing. This process is called computer emulation (i.e. simulated execution). Once
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Programming Assignment #4 - Assignment 4: Computer...

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