Notes - 2.7 - Function definition includes header and body...

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, E E 312 Notes February 7 2008 - A named collection of statements o Somewhat like mathematical functions o Arguments are not required - Does not need to return a value - - Functions are like mini programs called by name - : Top line declarations - Library Functions o Stdlib o Stdio o Math o Time o Ctype o String o Assert o A few others - How does it work? o Partitioning the problems Divide them up No one part is complex Must balance the fact of not too many and not enough functions o Many way to Partition One of the fundamentals is to craft a design Reduce complexity
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Increase clarity Increasing reusability o Defining Operates on parameters Either have a side effect or return a value or even both Call these functions by name
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Unformatted text preview: Function definition includes header and body inside function Has a return data type Could also be typedef Can not be an array : Ex--(-) Return type function name parameter list { Declarations Statements }-Parameter List o Must be preceded by a specification of its type o Like a declaration statement o ( , ) Int average float a float b-Function body o Can be empty o May contain declarations and other statements o All variables declared in the body of this function is only to that function-Exit Libraray o . In stdlib h o ( ) Exit 0 same as return 0 o ( ) ( ) – Exit EXIT_SUCCESS or EXIT_FAILURE exiting because of what? o...
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Notes - 2.7 - Function definition includes header and body...

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