Boomer vs. Atlantic Cement Co.

Boomer vs. Atlantic Cement Co. - plant If permanent damages...

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Econ 404 5/12/2009 Boomer vs. Atlantic Cement Co. Judge: Bergan, Jasen Court: Court of Appeals of NY (Location, Date): March 1970 Plaintiff: Boomer Case Summary: Atlantic Cement co. operates a large cement plant near Albany. Property injury from smoke, dirt, vibration from plant. $185,000 in damages found. $45million plant, with over 300 employees. Can’t shut it down. Research can be done to cut down on dust, but needs time, problem common to concrete industry, not just this
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Unformatted text preview: plant. If permanent damages are paid, it’s hard to sell the land, as well as it’s not an incentive to reduce pollution in the future. Defense: Atlantic Cement Co. Verdict: The cement company has 18 months to reduce the amount of dust and pollution on it’s neighbors or it will have to stop discharging dust and pollution. Law and Economics Notes:...
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