Brian C. Berry vs. The Borough of Sugar Notch

Brian C. Berry vs. The Borough of Sugar Notch - It can’t...

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Econ 404 14:56:24 rmf34 Brian C. Berry vs. The Borough of Sugar Notch Judge(s): Mr. Justice Fell Court: Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (Location, Date): May, 1899 Plaintiff : Brian C. Berry Case Summary : Plaintiff was a motorman employed by the Wyoming valley traction company. He was speeding (over 8 MPH). He was driving during a wind storm, a tree fell down and crushed the roof of the car and injured the plaintiff. The speed wasn’t necessarily the cause of the accident.
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Unformatted text preview: It can’t be determined if the speed worsened the accident. It is at least contributory negligence, he was in the wrong. Determine the difference in damage between this accident and the same one where someone is travelling the speed limit. Defense : The Borough of Sugar Notch Verdict : The judgement is affirmed, the speeding can be ignored. He wins against the city. Law and Economics Notes :...
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