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EE 302 - Mystery Unit - BLF339 - Brian Fontenot EE 302...

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Brian Fontenot EE 302 – 16190 Telang Mystery Unit Essay Growing up in high school, I received many conflicting definitions of engineering. Engineering was a questionable technical field of problem solvers. Another questionable definition was engineers were builders. The best definition was engineers make the most money just from graduating from college. As I progressed in my high school years and now that I am in my collegiate years, I am beginning to realize the truths to these various definitions. Understanding engineering is important to me because I knew how I wanted to impact the community and the various possible career opportunities in the field that exist are in line with my interests and career aspirations. My definition of engineering is developing a new process or technique. Engineering is a broad field because every facet of life can use engineering. Engineers use their creative minds and talents to develop structures, systems, and other processes. It is truly a field that allows the power of people to be utilized. Also engineers function in a team-structured environment. When commencing on any project, there will be groups of engineers who carry out a task. Engineers require communication and leadership skills. Engineers are visionary leaders and hold very noteworthy roles in society. Electrical Engineering has fascinated me since I was in my sophomore year in high school. I attended two summer math and science camps at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. The math and science program was called Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection Academy (REEP). This was not only my
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This note was uploaded on 03/22/2008 for the course EE 302 taught by Professor Mccann during the Fall '06 term at University of Texas.

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EE 302 - Mystery Unit - BLF339 - Brian Fontenot EE 302...

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