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EE 302 - Practice Profency Exam

EE 302 - Practice Profency Exam - in the table below The...

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EE 302 Lab Proficiency Exam - Example (Time for Exam: 20 minutes) Name: __________________________________________ EID: ________________ Professor: _________________________________ The goal of this exam is to measure your abilities to build a circuit on a breadboard based on a circuit schematic and accurately measure currents and voltages from this circuit. The circuit you are to build is shown below: Circuit Correct 1 st Time? Circuit Correct 2 nd Time? Circuit Correct 3 rd Time? Circuit Correct 4 th Time? Circuit Correct 5 th Time? Your MUST have a TA check your circuit BEFORE moving onto the measurements. Build this circuit using the breadboard and resistors provided. Use the multimeter provided to fill
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Unformatted text preview: in the table below. The value of DC will be provided to you by your TA . Quantity Value (include units) Verification By TA R eq seen by the voltage source V I Notes 1. All resistors have a tolerance of ±5% 2. You may write any information that you want on this sheet. You CANNOT use MultiSim, the circuit simulation package 3. All values placed in the table above MUST BE CONFIRMED by a TA. NO EXCEPTIONS !! 4. If you blow a fuse in the multimeter when taking a measurement, you will not receive any credit for that measurement or any measurements that would still need to be taken. 5. All resistors must be returned to the packet provided at the end of the exam....
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