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62/82 Prepared by: _________________ Checked by: _________________ A.C.E.(T): ________________ UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES, LAHORE Result of First Professional MBBS Part - II Annual Examination 2007, held in November 2007. Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan. Roll No. Registration No. Name of Candidate with Father’s Name Marks Obtained Result Subjects to reappear 001801 2004-SZM-1703-UHS AFSHAN ASHIQ D/O MALIK MUHAMMAD ASHIQ 398 Pass 001802 2005-SZM-1603-UHS AISHA - SANA D/O SANA - ULLAH 423 Pass 001803 2005-SZM-1605-UHS AMNA REHMAN D/O FAZAL - UR - REHMAN 379 Pass 001804 2005-SZM-1619-UHS ANAM MUMTAZ D/O MUMTAZ ALI 369 Pass 001805 2005-SZM-1615-UHS AQSA IQBAL D/O MUHAMMAD IQBAL 364 Pass 001806 2005-SZM-1602-UHS ASIYA GUL D/O GHULAM MUHAMMAD KHAN 362 Pass 001807 2005-SZM-1648-UHS ASMA AHMAD D/O SHER MOHAMAD KHAN Fail Anat., 001808 2005-SZM-1661-UHS ATYA ZAHRA D/O IJAZ ALI 352 Pass 001809 2004-SZM-1691-UHS AYESHA ASHRAF D/O MIAN M. ASHRAF 361 Pass 001810 2005-SZM-1610-UHS AYESHA JAVED D/O JAVED IQBAL 391 Pass 001811 2005-NMC-0327-UHS DUR - E - SHAHWAR KHAN D/O MUH. IQBAL KHAN 339 Pass 001812 2004-SZM-1701-UHS FAIZA SARWAR D/O MUHAMMAD SARWAR 373 Pass 001813 2004-SZM-1708-UHS FARAH SADIA D/O MUNIR AKHTAR 433 Pass 001814 2005-SZM-1659-UHS HAFSA AHMAD D/O SHAHBAZ AHMAD Fail Anat., 001815 2004-SZM-1702-UHS HINA SABEEN D/O HANIF AHMED 357 Pass 001816 2005-SZM-1608-UHS HUMA NAVID D/O KHALID NAVID DAR 404 Pass 001817 2005-SZM-1672-UHS HUMDA MAHMOOD BUTT D/O MUHAMMAD MAHMOOD BUTT 330 Pass 001818 2005-SZM-1609-UHS IQRA SHAIKH D/O SHAIKH MUHAMMAD ASHIQ 403 Pass 001819 2005-SZM-1668-UHS JAVARIA ALTAF D/O ALTAF AHMED 385 Pass 001820 2004-SZM-1699-UHS KHUSHBU ZIA D/O MOHAMAD SADIQ ZIA 388 Pass 001821 2005-SZM-1601-UHS MAHROZIA HASSAN D/O GHULAM HUSSAIN KAIFI 393 Pass 001822 2005-SZM-1604-UHS MARIA AHMAD D/O ISHTIAQ AHMAD 359 Pass 001823 2005-SZM-1686-UHS MARIA RIAZ D/O MUHAMMAD RIAZ TAHIR 356 Pass 001824 2004-SZM-1700-UHS MARIAM AKHTAR D/O MUHAMMAD AKHTAR Fail Anat., 001825 2005-SZM-1614-UHS MARYAM MUNIR D/O MUNIR AHMED 399 Pass
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