EE 302 - Unit D - BLF339 Final Version

EE 302 - Unit D - BLF339 Final Version - Brian Fontenot EE...

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Brian Fontenot EE 302 Telang 16190 10/22/07 Unit D: Current Issues in Electrical Engineering Power transmission and the way power is controlled have been a very important issues to the field of electrical and computer engineering. The current transmission systems that monitor the energy flow and transmission will be utilized to the maximum and continue with production. The future of power systems will require increased system security and reliability from the systems used previously and the future systems to be created. In an article by IEEE Computer Applications in Power , the article focused on the future of state power systems and the direction that these systems might take in our next 25 years of production. Some of the ideal systems included those that were fully operationally, easy to coordinate; possess a high-bandwidth, and robust controls for power systems. For systems with injection and routing controllers, the ultimate goal in system controllers are system- wide automatic voltage control and system wide automatic power control, and integrated system-wide automatic control. The reason behind this ideology is due to the simplicity of the system. Having a system that would stabilize at a certain operating condition and automatically switch over all controllers under these conditions allow ultimate management of the system. Also, this would allow instant system loads, constant voltage flow, and not damage the physical attributes of the equipment. Another unique attribute about this ideal system is that it would allow any changes that occur to be detected and adjusted for any given moment. The computer system would be able to pinpoint the exact 1 | B r i a n F o n t e n o t – E E 3 0 2 – 1 6 1 9 0 – T e l a n g – U n i t D
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change and account for the adjustments with real time action. The bandwidth needed to compute theses actions and process changes would allow for these speedy, quick results to be possible. Ideal systems with immediate results as described in the article are possible if they
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EE 302 - Unit D - BLF339 Final Version - Brian Fontenot EE...

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