Courvoisier vs. Raymond

Courvoisier vs. Raymond - If Mr Courvoisier thought that a...

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Econ 404 23:29:31 rmf34 Courvoisier vs. Raymond Judge(s): Court: Some Colorado Court (Location, Date): South Denver September 1896 Plaintiff : Case Summary : Mr. Courvoisier jewelry store owner, roused from bed, people trying to break in, they damaged his store, he fired shots in the air. Police officers heard and came to the scene, Courvoisier didn’t know that they were police officers, he didn’t have his glasses on at the time, the police officer approached and had his hand at his hip as if he were reaching for a gun. Courvoisier thought the officer to be just one of the rioters who was coming to hurt him or rob his store. His neighbors store had been robbed recently.
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Unformatted text preview: If Mr. Courvoisier thought that a rioter could have posed significant harm had the approaching man been a rioter and not a police officer, and had Courvoisier really not been able to tell that the approaching man as a police officer, then this would be excusable as it was truly a mistake, and the defendant (Mr. Courvoisier) would have been entitled to a judgement. Legal Definition of assault- the threat of violence caused by an immediate show of force, the act of actually hitting someone is legally termed battery . Defense : Mr. Courvoisier jewelry store owner. Verdict : Depends on the facts, need to be clarified. Law and Economics Notes :...
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