EE 302 - Unit G - BLF339 Final Version

EE 302 - Unit G - BLF339 Final Version - Brian Fontenot...

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Brian Fontenot 16190 Telang EE 302 November 7, 2007 Unit G: Student Organization Meetings in Engineering UT is known for providing the best opportunities for the collegiate body. With over 900 different student organizations, the various interests of the students are heard across the campus. For those who don’t feel there interest has been met, grab three friends and ten dollars to create your organization. No criteria and no questions asked; UT clearly supports the voice of its students. These various organizations also offer enrichment, volunteer, and scholarship opportunities. I attended the UT Austin Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). Next to offering the student body many internship and scholarship opportunities, the meeting even included free food. UT’s NSBE chapter ran a very informative meeting that included about 40 colleagues and about 3 faculty members. The meeting first consisted of a key point for the meeting. Every meeting focuses on a different topic. This meeting’s topic was public speaking. The speaker was Mitchell McCradic, who is the Chair Emeritus, a graduating senior this upcoming May ’08. Mitchell focused on the points that speaking should not be rushed. A public speaker should speak with authority and project their voice across the audience. The speech to be delivered should be practiced multiple times before the delivery to ensure that the ideas have been conveyed well. Also, when speaking publicly, the phrases “uhh…”, “and…”, “so…” should be eliminated from your speech. When people attended speaking sessions, they value your authority on the topic greater when not using such non-informative words. After presenting strategies about the “Art of Public Speaking” session hosted by, Mitchell, he introduced Jason Francis, a representative from Schulmberger. . Jason grew up in Missouri City, Texas which is only 45 minutes
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EE 302 - Unit G - BLF339 Final Version - Brian Fontenot...

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