David H. Lucas vs. South Carolina Coastal Council

David H. Lucas vs. South Carolina Coastal Council - SC...

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Econ 404 5/12/2009 rmf34 David H. Lucas vs. South Carolina Coastal Council Judge(s): Justices, Scalia Court: US Supreme Court (Location, Date): June 1992 Plaintiff: David H. Lucas Case Summary: Lucas bought land plots in 1986 with the plans of developing them into single family homes and selling them. Beachfront management act, made them non- developable, making them essentially valueless. He wanted compensation. Ordered to pay 1.2 million (in trial court).
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Unformatted text preview: SC Supreme Court reversed, saying that the act was to prevent public harm, and no compensation is allowed under the takings clause, regardless of the regulations effect on the properties value. Defense: South Carolina Coastal Council Verdict: He gets compensation. Building houses is not terribly noxious. It’s completely unfair to take land and give 0 in return. Law and Economics Notes:...
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