EE 306 - HW 5 - R1 = x3009 x0003 = x300C R2 = x000A R3 =...

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HW 5 Brian Fontenot BLF339 EE 306 David F: 12 – 1 Pm RLM 7.116 1. JSR #15 2. The program checks to see if the number is the same as the mask number. If it is not, it adds itself to the orginal number and goes backs and test it to see if it’s the same. 3. There will be a loss of data when inputed 4. it displays FUN, and terminates beacuse 0 was stored in the place of k 5. 5. R0 = x300A
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Unformatted text preview: R1 = x3009 + x0003 = x300C R2 = x000A R3 = x1263 R4 = x300A ADDR1 = x300A ADDR2 = x000A ADDR3 = x000A ADDR4 = x300A ADDR5= x300C 6. The program loops because the value stored in R7 is the pc address of the next line after the jump. Since in the subroutine it subtracts 1 from R7, the program will keep returning to the jump to infinity. 6....
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