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Homework Assignment C ANSWER SHEETName______________ Lab Units 7, 8, and 9Lab Section _________ To be filled in by instructor: Lab Unit 7 Diffusion/OsmosisAttendance 10 pts_____________ Lab Unit 8Enzymes Attendance 10 pts_____________ Lab Unit 9 Respiration Attendance 10 ps_____________ Assignment content 60 pts_____________ Writing about Science (Citations)10 pts_____________ Total 100 pts_____________ Lab 7 1.a) __________________ b)___________________ c)___________________ d)___________________ 2._____________________________________________________________________________ 3.a) ____________________ b) _____________________ c)_____________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________________________ 5.a)________________ b)________________ c)________________ d)________________ Lab 8 Use as much space as needed to answer the questions below. General Enzyme Information 1. What is an enzyme? 2. How is the 3D structure and folding of the enzyme important to enzyme function? 3. What is denaturation? 4. Define substrate, active site. 5. How can different temperatures and pH affect enzyme activity? 6. Explain this statement: “Enzymes exhibit specificity.” 7.Define cofactor and explain the importance of cofactors in enzyme activity. Specific Lactase Information 1. What is the function of lactase? 2. Why is lactase intolerance a significant problem in certain populations?
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Unformatted text preview:3. What is the difference between bacterial lactase and human lactase? 4. What is lactose? 5. Where does lactose metabolism occur in the human body? (i.e. where is lactose broken down) 6. What do you propose would be the optimal temperature for lactase activity and why? 7. What do you propose would be the optimal pH for lactase activity and why? 8. How does the chemical structure of lactose compare to maltose? 9. Do you think the lactase enzyme will be able to hydrolyze (split apart) the maltose molecule in addition to the lactose molecule? Why or why not? 10. What was your hypothesis concerning the cofactor experiment? What was the purpose of the EDTA? Did addition of EDTA reduce the enzyme activity? Writing about Science References Use space as needed for references. Lab 9 9.1 Computer simulation using rat 1. ___________________. 2. ___________________ 3. a) _____________ b) _______________________________________________ 4. ______________ 9.2 CO2 production in plant embryos 1. ____________________ 2. ____________________ 3. _________________________________________________________ 4. ________________________ 9.3 Fermentation 1. ______________________________ 2. _____________________________ 3. a) ______________________________________ b) _______________________________________ c) _______________________