M408C - Quiz 9

M408c quiz 9

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Unformatted text preview: CODE NAME (do not use name or UTEID): a) Differentiate and simplify b) Find all critical numbers. Exam 3 make up Calculators c) Find absolute extremes. -x No [0, 2]. 3)(20 points) Let f (x) = xe on 50 min a) Differentiate and simplify 1)(20 points) Find the area bounded by the curves b) Find all critical numbers. 4)(10 points)= x2 .f (x) = ln2x . Find all asymptotes. y = x + 2, y Let x c) Find absolute extremes. 5)(10 points) Find the integrals: 2)(45 Find 4)(10 points) Let f (x) = ln2x . sinh xall asymptotes. x...
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