Comm Reading Review Exam2

Comm Reading Review Exam2 - Comm Reading Review Exam #2...

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Unformatted text preview: Comm Reading Review Exam #2 04/11/2007 17:02:00 Harrison & Cantor Memorize RQs as they are written METHOD: questionnaires, still get extra credit if they just write no so not pressured to make up a fake fright experience RQ 1 answer: Over half reported disturbances in normal behavior RQ 2: choking, chest pain, and tantrums were never reported as symptomscrying and screaming, nausea, trembling/shaking were three most frequent symptoms RQ 3: yes, ~98% could be categorized by the 5 categories, Blood/injection/injury most frequent Hypothesis 1: partial support, younger most disturbed by concrete stimuli, but also older kids most disturbed by blood Linz et al. (1988) Two Central the effects of emotional desensitization to films of violence against women the effects of sexually degrading explicit and nonexplicit films on beliefs about rape and the sexual objectification of women. o what happens when you watch a whole lot of slasher films METHOD (importante) Had them fill out series of scales on hostility and psychoticism and removed ppl who scored high for fear of negative effects o we feared that subjects scoring relatively high on these measures would be most inclined to ruminate over and perhaps imitate violent scenes from the films. Findings are conservative Film conditions: o R rated non violent (teenage sex films) o X rated non violent (pornography) o R rated violent films Dosages: Two films or five films, but men signed up for three or six, told that films didnt arrive received a call from law school asked to participate in trial regarding date rape and then were joined by control group men who didnt view any films to see what effect slasher films had on perception victim FOCUS only on results listed in abstract! Abstract=the first paragraph that introduces the studyin the very beginning RESULTS: Subjects in the violent condition became less anxious and depressed and showed declines in negative affective responses. They were also less sympathetic to the victim and less empathetic toward rape victims in general. o However, longer film exposure was necessary to affect general empathy. There were no differences in response between the R-rated teen sex film and the X-rated, sexually explicit, nonviolent film, and the no-exposure control conditions on the objectification or the rape trial variables....
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Comm Reading Review Exam2 - Comm Reading Review Exam #2...

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