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King Henry IV, Part 1 1.The plot of Shakespeare’s play King Henry IV is fuelled by the various developing storylines and individual actions of each of the many significant characters encountered. Throughout the play, one of King Henry’s primary concerns is how is son, Hal, will ever develop the maturity or honour required to inherit the throne from his father when the time comes. However, Hal reveals that his indulgence in the pleasurable life, such as drinking days on end with Falstaff at the tavern, is all just an act so he can seemingly miraculously transform into a hero his father will deem fit to take the throne. Despite the ever-growing tensions between the Percy’s and the King, King Henry wishes Hal could be more like Hotspur, whom was admired by the King for the courage and audacity he displayed in refusing to hand over the Scottish War Prisoners.
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Unformatted text preview:he displayed in refusing to hand over the Scottish War Prisoners. This is a complete contrast to the immature, self indulged lifestyle of his son, Hal. As time goes on, the Percy's resent of the King is growing due to his poor treatment of their family, despite the assistance they provided in helping Henry regain the land his family had owned from King Richard. Eventually, these tensions overflow, and a battle erupts between the King and the Percy's. It is in this battle that Hal is finally able to gain the respect he so dearly desired from his father, through saving him from Douglas then defeating Hotspur in an epic duel, despite being beaten and bloody. Through the various tensions Shakespeare builds between both allies and enemies, a fuelled, captivating storyline is composed. 2.