Frigaliment vs. BNS International Sales

Frigaliment vs. BNS International Sales - Market price of a...

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Econ 404 5/7/2009 rmf34 Frigaliment Importing Co. vs. BNS International Sales Judge(s): Friendly (Circuit Judge) Court: US District Court. SD NY (Location, Date): December 1960 Plaintiff: Frigaliment Importing Co. Case Summary: Argues over the meaning of the word chicken. Frigaliment believes that chicken means “young chicken”. BNS International sales thinks that a chicken is a chicken. It ultimately comes down to the price of a broiler/fryer/roaster (young bird) vs. a stewing chicken (older bird.)
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Unformatted text preview: Market price of a young bird was about $0.37/lb. Market price of older bird was about $0.33/lb. Older bird = 2.5 lbs Younger bird = 1.5 lbs The price of 33cents was not reasonable for a young chicken. The plaintiff could not have expected the defendant to have deliberately incurred a loss. Defense: BNS International Sales Verdict: Judgment entered dismissing complain of the cost. The court ruled in the defenses favor. Law and Economics Notes:...
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