Midterm 3 - A. Why, in Khilnanis view, was the states role...

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A. Why, in Khilnani’s view, was the state ’s role especially important in the attempt to build an Indian national identity after independence? Your answer should address specific examples of state action and its impacts on national identity, as well as considering Khilnani's argument in detail. a. The role of the Indian government was not to establish a single national identity, but to create a country where multiple identities can co-exist. 1. Independence. What now? a. “The Constitution, and the politics it sanctioned, thus reinforced community identities rather than sustaining a sense of common citizenship based on individual rights.” Khilnani 37 b. “No sooner had the Republic been declared in January 1950, than Nehru’s wish to use the state to pursue policies of toleration and planned economic development came under fierce attack. ..But at the end of 1950 Patel suddenly died, and with this chance event the command of the party passed into Nehru’s hands.” Khilnani 38 c. “Very rapidly, the state accumulated for itself many quite disparate responsibilities, from patrolling borders that stretched across glaciers to abolishing untouchability, from constraining religious passions
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Midterm 3 - A. Why, in Khilnanis view, was the states role...

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