Cruel Intentions2 - Paper #2 Cruel Intentions "Power is the...

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Paper #2 Cruel Intentions “Power is the capacity to translate intention into reality and sustain it,” Warren G. Bennis once said. Every movement is done with a purpose. Marcel Danesi points this out in two of the chapters in his book Of Cigarettes, High Heels and Other Interesting Things . The same is very true in modern advertisements. Advertisements have a purpose of selling a product to a certain audience just as a woman wearing high heels “sells” her sexuality to an audience. In Danesi’s book, he states that a woman wearing high heels forces her body to tilt, therefore emphasizing the buttocks and breasts. He says this highlights the female’s sexuality. As a courtship ritual, the female recognizes the effect of her wearing these shoes, as well as who she wishes to project her “powerful sexual signals” and “sense of domination tinged with sensuality.” I agree with Danesi’s argument that the smoking of a cigarette and wearing of high heels is a cognizant effort by a female to attract a male counterpart. I agree because she both realizes what her action is doing as well as who it is affecting. It is in my experience that women are very good at doing things to attract males, even if the male isn’t aware that she is performing an action for this purpose. Such acts as dropping an item to just to pick it up or perhaps to have the man pick it up. Another example is asking an easy question to a male to make him feel more intelligent than the woman. Advertisements share very similar traits to this theory. By Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary’s definition, an advertisement is to call public attention to especially
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Paper #2 by emphasizing desirable qualities so as to arouse a desire to buy or patronize. It is very easy to make the connection between a public notice, such as in a newspaper of on television, and the public notice that a woman gives when she wears high heels. Each is giving a positive message and each knows who the message is directed toward. An advertisement recently in
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Cruel Intentions2 - Paper #2 Cruel Intentions "Power is the...

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