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Portfolio #5: Summary of Meisenhelder’s Essay Meisenhelder claims that Hurston is able to convey strategies used in her lifetime to deal with power inequities without offending her mentors Boas and Mason. By making this statement, she names Boas and Mason as her first and most important audience. I disagree with Meisenhelder’s assertion that the method by which she conveys these strategies is by masking social conflict and critical commentary with humor. I don’t think Hurston masks anything in the way she presents the story. The black culture is self-masking. I support this conclusion by the fact that, as Meisenhelder states, Nora provides no explicit analysis herself, but rather the actual occurrences that happen as she tours Florida. There is a hidden element in Mules and Men , however. What the stories subtly show, through the mask of characters known to nobody, is different approach to resistance. This essay points out that open resistance was unacceptable during slavery days.
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