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Portfolio #5 The purpose of Berger’s “Appearances” essay is to show that thoughts cannot truly be expressed in words. Thoughts are made up of thousands of others of thoughts, deriving from infanthood. Our thoughts are formed by things we have seen, heard, done, wished, etc. The pictures found between pages 133 and 275 would appear to be ambiguous. They are ambiguous to all but the old woman to whom the thoughts belong to. These pictures mean something very specific to the woman; they are her thoughts and her opinions. It seems logical that you cannot truly understand a person until you have experienced what they have experienced. If you experienced all the same things as the
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Unformatted text preview: old woman in this book, then you would understand what the pictures mean to her. You could then begin to follow her thought process while at the same time finding these pictures unambiguous. As Berger suggests, these pictures are not meant to document the old woman’s life, consisting of things that she has never seen in her life, not in person anyways. These pictures are supposed to show her experiences. Perhaps she has seen pictures of the Eiffel tower, or she heard somebody describe it with great accuracy. The pictures represent mental images this woman has, the way she interprets things to appear as she recalls them....
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