11-20 - o Extraversion Eddie Murphey o Agreeableness Mr...

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11/20/07 I. What is Personality? Freud: secret most forbidden thought= sexually aggressive The U.T. forum- avg. 70’s old- most secret and forbidden thought= sexually aggressive Pennebaker speaks through Sam- Cisero Bergarac Cisero- unattractive- gives love notes to good looking guy… falls in love with the writer of the notes and not the attractive guy. Is personality words we say, accent, or entire package? Are you the same today as 10 yrs ago? Is there a core personality, a basic sense of you? Onion skin model- taking off layers 2 models of personality: o Core- psychodynamic, humanistic o Onion- behavioral, traits Traits theories- use ordinary Personality terms to describe what people are like o 17,000 terms to describe personality II. Basic Personality Dimensions The Factor Analytic Approach: Big Five o Openness: to experience, (Leonardo Da Vinci) unrelated high on openness tells you nothing about the others o Conscientiousness: Robocop didn’t have
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Unformatted text preview: o Extraversion: Eddie Murphey o Agreeableness: Mr. Rogers o Neuroticism: Woody Allen • Factor Analysis measures what goes with what traits go together o Dan Ames- Columbia- personality influences how we see the world and how we see people… one trait- how we react to traits is extraversion Paul- doesn’t stop talking, extrovert-thinks why doesn’t anyone contribute to conversation Jeff- really shy, introvert- why doesn’t he wait to talk about something important? o Extroverts and introverts have different views of others… extroverts think of talking as good- opposite of introverts o Tell a lot about people by their office Conservative- less text- are conventional Rooms: liberal- stylish- CD’s, books, more… Music: conservative- religious, pop, country… liberal- blues, jazz, world, classical, folk o We replicate ourselves in our stuff...
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11-20 - o Extraversion Eddie Murphey o Agreeableness Mr...

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