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Econ 404 02:50:49 rmf34 Harris vs. Meadows Judge(s): Court: Supreme Court of Alabama (Location, Date): October 1985. Plaintiff : Carol P. Harris Case Summary : The case involves a claim for damages for injuries resulting from an automobile collision. Turning accident, Harris suffered some injuries that were not life threatening. From testimony, Harris didn’t mash her brakes in an attempt to stop, she said that she figured that Meadows would see her coming and stop her turn.
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Unformatted text preview: This is considered contributory negligence . Defense : Dora Stubbs Meadows Verdict : Trial court judgment affirmed, Harris didnt effectively try to stop, so she is guilty of contributory negligence in failing to act reasonably under the circumstances to avoid the collision. There are no damages paid to either party, both were negligent. Law and Economics Notes : Contributory negligence...
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