11-29 - know why I married you” ♦ Deindividuation= 0...

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11/29/07: Bystander Intervention KITTY GENOVESE: left for dead march 13 th , 1964…38 people heard screams in 45 mins. No one picked up phone or even checked on her. “bystander apathy” Smoking room. .. survey. Bystander Intervention Why don’t people help? 1. Notice the situation Didn’t go that way Distracted 2. Costs of helping More likely to help when cost is less Ex: bent over choking in doorway… seminary students pass around… one group more time. The people with more time was more likely to help the stranger. 3. Is it clear that help is needed? Can you really help the situation? 4. Social Physics: Diffusion of responsibility= 1/n…the more people, the less responsibility. . “get away from me, I don’t know you”… “get away from me, I don’t
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Unformatted text preview: know why I married you” ♦ Deindividuation= 0 responsibility… people oscillate between states… individual=responsibility… deindividuality= no responsibility… no sense of self… strip away identity. KKK- costumes…Masquerade parties more wild… more danger at night…etc Pitch black room. Meet people from 5 diff universities…revolving room for 25 mins each. With lights on, boring discussion. With lights off, shares secrets, relationships, intimate things, people started making out- hot and heavy. Woman more likely to help and be helped…. More likely to ask for help as well. Men are more likely to help women than men. Even within the context of women, more likely to help attractive than unattractive women....
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11-29 - know why I married you” ♦ Deindividuation= 0...

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