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MPGU 120a: BEGINNING POP/ROCK GUITAR SPRING SEMESTER, 2008 Nick Stoubis Office Mailbox: MUS 304 Telephone: (213) 740-6926 - USC Voice Mail, (323) 571-1617 - Home Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Call or see me in class for an appointment. TEXT AND MATERIALS Guitar For Students: A Method for the Classroom and Private Student , by Rick Schmunk and Nick Stoubis (Available at the University Bookstore) Additional supplemental material will be handed out during class meetings. Students need to bring a guitar to class each week. Classical (nylon-string), acoustic (steel-string) and electric instruments are all suitable. Guitar Picks Pitch Pipe or Electronic Guitar Tuner: Although not required, it is recommended that students purchase either a pitch pipe or inexpensive tuner. GRADING Grades will be computed using the following scale: 30% (2 points taken off for absences) MIDTERM 35% (Mondays, MARCH 10, 2008) (Tuesdays, MARCH 11 2008) (Wednesdays, MARCH 12, 2008)
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